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Hunting a suitable house is not easy to foreigners, because of different languages, cultures, lifestyles... It may take 1 week to find a good house, event 1-2 months to find out the one you really like. That's the reason why we call your process to find a house as a HOUSING JOURNEY. Now, make it simple with Anh Nguyen:


1.    Finding a good agent:

-       Friends:

Finding a good agent by friends’ introducing is the best solution. Because your friends got true experience in working with them. And they realized the agent can help them a lot things… while they are staying in the house.

-       Website:

This is the second and one of the most effective channel to help you find a house quickly. A professional agent is willing to spend a lot of money to make their company website, that they can show their clients real pictures of the house they offer.

Note: you shouldn’t contact to a freelance broker to find a house, because they have no office, you don’t know where to find them. You may alone to face with everything like sink leaking, drain stuck, light damages…We call that is customer care service.


2.    Making appointment to see the real house:

-       Time:

After choosing your brokerage agent, tell them what time will you available to see the house. A good agent will be on time and prepare at least 3 houses to show you at once. That’s the way to save your time and your money (taking taxi many times to visit 1 or 2 house is really inconvenient).

-       Place:

Asking the agent where will you meet them. They will tell you a popular place everybody can know and pick up you there. Or let them talk to your taxi driver to guide him where is the place. Or go straight to the pointed place if you can make sure you know it clearly.


3.    Trying to see as much as possible: 

Don’t hurry to take the fisrt house you’ve seen. You should try to see as much as you can (at least 5-10 different houses) to get a deep comparison about price, furniture, position, surrounding amenities…


4.    Taking note which ones you like.

This is the way to help you can remember exactly what you’ve seen or you may confuse among of similar houses when you back home. It’s better to take some photos by your camera or your phone.


5.    Making decision for the best one.

After seeing many different kind of houses, take your time to consider about which one is the best for you.

You can ask your friends who are living or use to stay in your favorite residence.  Getting a survey about strong points and weak points of that area before making decision.


Thank you for your attention! (To be continued).

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