Part 2: Making Contract

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1.    Making an appointment with the landlord:

-       Making first impression: First impression is very important in every meeting. You shouldn’t dress casually at the first meet with the landlord. All landlords prefer to offer their house to a serious tenant who can take care it carefully.

-       Paying attention to landlord’s attitude: an open-mind person is always easy to give you all best conditions to make you feel comfortable when staying their house. A strict owner often not cooperate in helping you finish your house damaged things when it happens.

Note: If the landlord you met really strict and having bad attitude, please forget that house event you like it hundred percent. Or you may face with a lots of unwanted  problems that would be solved by yourself.


2.    Suggesting more house equipments (If any):

If the house is lacking of a microwave or an oven…, don’t hesitate to tell your agent ask the landlord at the beginning. Or tell the landlord directly what ever you want when you meet him/her.

Note: If you don’t tell them before you signed contract. The capacity to ask for more equipments is nearly zero. Because they have all rights to refuse any inquiries from you which was not mentioned in the furniture list.


3.    Setting a moving date:

Telling the landlord when you can move in. Normally, they can wait for you within 01 month. Can not be later, cause it’s not benefit for them to wait for you too long while other tenants also would like to take their house.

Note: In case, you already paid the rent at another house (or hotel charge) till the date you have to move in over 15 days or more. Please negotiate with them about sharing half-half those fees and delay the assign date to another day. If not, continue to find another one, you have time anyway.


4.    Checking and editing contract:

After all above steps, please ask your HR or check the contract by yourself carefully before signing. Editing some unreasonable or indefinite conditions (if any).

Note: Some strict landlord often offer hardly conditions which uneasy for you. Please start a new journey if you have time. Don’t try to get the house with uncomfortable feel.


5.    Making deposit.

The common payment term to rent a house in Phu My Hung is at least 2 months deposit and 2 months rental pay in advance. Remember prepare totally 04 months rent when taking any house.


-       Placing a small amount of deposit from 500-1000$ right away to block the house if you have no time to find another one. Or your pointed house will be gone quickly after 1 day (very popular case in Phu My Hung).

-       Just making 1-2 months deposit when sign in contract. Then, paying the rest 02 months rent at the first day you move in or another day when you make sure everything is done (cleaning, fixing damages, installing new equipments…).


Thank you for your attention! (To be continue).

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