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Posting date: 09-10-2017 - View: 1428

Scenic Valley - living space style Singapore in the heart of Phu My Hung

  • Not only blowing into the city space breeze, cool and gentle, the scenic river next to Saigon South golf course also inspires creativity to the architects from KYTA - Singapore designed so Scenic Valley.
  • Located on an area of 32,548 m2, Scenic Valley is the second apartment project of Phu My Hung in the Health Care District, including seven buildings with a height of 16 ~ 24 floors, construction density of about 29, 83%. Apartment area is flexible from 70, 77, 80m2, over 100m2 so easy to choose, easy to buy, easy to rent. This is an opportunity for young people with stable income, office workers, young families ... owns Phu My Hung.
  • For employees of foreign companies, and other people who come to work in Ho Chi Minh City ... with a reasonable rental area and price from 600$ ~ 800$ per month, the choice of an apartment for Resting after a tiring day, the Scenic Valley is the perfect place.
  • The harmonious combination of natural advantages, traditional Vietnamese culture and the standards and science of Singapore architecture will bring living space landscapes to the convenience of modern urban heart.