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Feng shui

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What is a flood? First let us see explanation:

From Comedy wrote: "Feng Shui, also known as Kham D. A type of superstition in ancient China. Feng shui for that configuration, wind direction, flow around houses or graves, could bring disaster - being for people or for people buried ".


From Yuan wrote: "Feng shui, only the terrain, the orientation of housing land or land graves. In ancient times, superstition based on fresh data to see, good and bad personnel".

Recently, Southeast University of China published the book "Feng Shui Origins", Professor Phan Mug West in dividends wrote: "The main contents of Feng Shui is a kind of education that people use to handle circumstances and choices in dining, offering furniture, temples, tombs, villages ... Feng Shui and circumstances accommodation, affecting mainly in three aspects: 1. the choice of location, ie to find a terrain satisfy both psychological and physiological; 2. Handling morphologically in the layout, including taking advantage of the situation and rehabilitation nature, the direction, location, high to low small door out on the hiking, water supply sources ...; 3. Based on the above, add a sign, in order to satisfy the psychological avoid data, take the good for man. "

Ethnic Chinese Academy Originally published "Understanding the data in good feng shui house," the authors wrote in the preface: "In the long-standing knowledge of China, there is a subject called Kham D, usually called Feng Shui, said modern language is "Science and the relationship between the earth's magnetic field and humans". as for the content, professional Feng Shui consists of two parts: the first part is to examine the morphology of mountains, part two is considered reasonable method and gas.

Zhan Bank Warming in "Literary History and Knowledge" No. 3/1988 writes: "The so-called feng shui, the common name of Arts see land. According to the Chinese tradition, each must be considered when building terrain there is Feng Shui or not, and then select the appropriate location, to avoid soil data ".

Scholars ROSK Kowski Geography Department University of New Zealand is an expert in feng shui study, in the journal article "Research on the History of Natural Science," May 1/1989 writes: "Feng shui is a system assess the landscape to find a good location for buildings. It is the art of siting and geographic layout of ancient China, can not be based on the concept of the West that said a simple way that is superstition or science ... Chinese Feng Shui is built on three basis: (1) this location is beneficial for building houses or graves than in other locations. (2 ) good location can only be based on the principles of Feng Shui through the survey was that the choice of location. (3) Once you have a place like that, the ancestors or descendants live or tomorrow he will be buried in place enjoy a good location because he brings. "

The study of Feng Shui in China as well as overseas little. The above-mentioned documents can represent the views mainly in China and abroad. Great to have three schools, who are said to be superstitious, who had argued that education, who said that the evaluation system landscape.

We believe that Feng Shui is a cultural phenomenon, a kind of digital data to avoid choosing healthy, a nation widely circulated, a kind of circumstances and education related to humans, a synthesis of reason theory and practice. Feng shui can be divided into two major parts: positive and negative charge of scouting. Yang Tse where people live action, sound scouts are grave of the dead. Theory of Feng Shui, there are schools and school form of gas. Delegation severe form of mountain river morphology that fresh data argument; sect of the heavy air of yin and yang, the hell of good data to comment. Feng shui is the nucleus of "vitality". The concept of it is extremely complex, mention of long circuit, intelligent way, grave location, flow, direction ...

It has a lot to abstain, be very careful with time, azimuth and location. Theory of Sound scout bold colors superstitious people badly poisoned. Theory and practice of positive scouts, have certain rationality, can turn into old-fashioned magic. The study of Feng Shui in the early stages, need to go further.

Feng shui that people often call in fact consists of two reviews. Sometimes only good scenery, terrain well. When going out on the river Ly, people often compliment blurted: "Feng shui beautiful". Sometimes feng shui feng shui is to show, ie theoretical and practical feng shui. For example, people say this or that man had his good feng shui, he studied Feng Shui Mo, Mo he earned his living by Feng Shui.

Seriously, feng shui feng shui differs. Feng shui objective existence. Feng shui is a subjective activity for objectivity. Feng shui is the essence of nature, essence of feng shui is human.

Since habit people have entered two things on one, then we do not need to be separated out. There are things to note when discussing how people say Feng shui is objective or subjective, to understand the sense of what people say.

Feng shui is a term that has been identified. Guo Xun lifetime regimen was the first interpretation, the Tripitaka he wrote: "Interment (burial) is welcome vitality. When encountering wind (wind) all agree, having stopped all support countries, so-called feng shui" . So how welcome is welcome, how convergence is convergence? What is Feng, how the Cards? Guo Regimen no desk!

Feng, the phenomenon of air movement. Mercury, the water line. Gas, ie where the gas field (soil gas). Gas, which is a gas born residents (vitality). Pick vitality, is looking for gas or abused born residents. Feng shui is the art of the subjects received vitality.

Pham Yibin, the Qing, lecture notes, "Tripitaka" Guo regimen wrote: "No water to the air, the wind canopy, the air water without air support, so the word is the most important Feng Shui in geology courses, in which the land which is the best country. land where stealth style (wind hiding) is less than ". So says the key issues of the view that the earth is because water from gas, without water, gas whenever the wind is lifted. Just water, gas will come together, though the wind is not blowing air travel. Land that is the best water, the wind, the earth avoid worse.

So see this ancient Feng Shui, always start radiating circuit dragon, the dragon is the gas circuit of land, water and gas from which to lead, which prevents air from water is stopped, gas gathering, there was no wind melts. There is gas, there will be buried in the gospel.

In ancient times, a very popular folk use the word feng shui, but officials do not necessarily like that. Zheng Ming porcelain transatlantic travel, go on boat officer specializing in Feng Shui. Direction that the officer in charge of observing wind and water (feng shui) is different from Feng shui is still out.